Media Kit

About me

Hi, I’m Undine. I am a content creator from Munich, Germany. Videography is my part-time-passion and I create long-form content on YouTube as well as short videos on Instagram. Apart from that I host two podcasts and a blog. Coming from photography, I appreciate clarity, a simplistic aesthetic and color patterns, and an honest message behind my images.

What I offer

I offer cooperation opportunities on YouTube, my podcast and this blog. While in university, I was freelancing as a copywriter—so I can offer you well-written texts and non-intrusive SEO to complete your video ad campaign. Several of my posts already rank high or top in Google, such as my article about the perfect vlogging lens for Sony A6400 or this opinion piece on minimalism.

I make videos to preserve and share beautiful moments. That is why it is extremely important to me to make any ad seamless and organic. I want my ads to be like a friend talking to another friend, not like a third person interrupting two people having coffee.

YouTube videos have a very long shelf-life. They can provide you with leads for about half a decade or more. So, if organic integration, great visibility and conversion rates are something you want for your business, please reach out to me – I’m happy to make you a concrete offer.

YouTube stats






views / mo.

24.5 %


Subscriber Demographics and Gender

Views by country of origin

Percantages of views per geographic source

Most of my viewers and subscribers reside in North America, namely the United States. Other countries with a high percentage of English literacy like Germany, France and India also recurringly show up in my statistics.

Views by Gender

Two thirds of my viewers are women at this point, as my channel started out focusing on lifestyle, minimalism and simple living. I have observed a little uptake in male viewers since I started featuring more vlogs, commentary and hiking-related videos.


As I just started a new account on Instagram, I don’t think that I can provide much conversion there. Of course I will share your campaign on all my socials, but this account is a rather new videography project and has not grown to its full potential yet.

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