What I do

I’m a physicist and data scientist from Germany, but this is my personal blog about minimalism, simple living and mindfulness. I also love hiking and being outdoors, so I will share my minimalist hiking gear, some reviews and ultralight trekking tips and hikes with you here as well.

How I became a minimalist

I became a minimalist about 18 years ago. It was a fast decision and a fast process. Within two days I decluttered almost all of my belongings. I ordered a container, because most of my stuff was non-recyclable trash, and got rid of it – just like that.

I started out as a furniture-free extreme minimalist. But in the almost two decades after that, I had my ups and downs with minimalism. I lived alone and with other people, I became a mom, I studied, moved several times and did a lot of commuting. So, my minimalism kept changing changing all the time. Currently, I would say that I am a moderate minimalist, moving slowly towards extreme minimalism again.

I want to share my thoughts on all these aspects of minimalism to give you an impression of what a minimalist’s life is really like. I want this blog to become like a little collection of useful tips, but also a collection of memories from traveling and events. My articles are mostly written for people who are new to minimalism, but some are also directed towards those of you who would like to intensify their minimalist lifestyle.

Who this blog is made for

This blog is for everyone who is interested in learning more about minimalism and extreme minimalism. I want to show you what a minimalist life looks like, very practically and hands-on.

I also want to encourage those of you, who have no idea how to do this, to just start. Because it is that easy. I felt like I could not breathe, because of all the stuff that I had. It was making me sad. And most of all, I could not even walk a straight line through my own room, because it was so cluttered.

No matter how messy you are and how much you want to get rid of, I think, you can do it. That goes in both direction. Because, while I am also sharing a lot of the extreme sides of minimalism, I want this to be a page for everyone. Like a little library of useful minimalism and decluttering tips.