My Creator Life

There are so many podcasts out there already from the perspectives of successful creators. This one is different. It’s from my perspective as a small YouTuber. I take you with me on my journey of filming, editing and publishing videos, writing blog articles, leaving old and exploring new social media platforms, and just everything that comes with a “content creator life”… I know, the title is a bit lame. But that’s just what it’s about in the end. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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Video Episodes

#001: I hate Apple and YouTube »experts«

About my deep disgust for Apple products and scammy social media coaches on YouTube. I will rant about how much I despise Mac products quite a bit throughout my podcast, so you better come to the dark side–go Linux!

#002: How I edit everything 100% open source

Using open source software for editing is my passion. I could use proprietary software, but I am not willing to pollute my debian with some Windows virtual machine, and I’m also not willing for stuff that’s already out there and for free. In this episode I take you through my editing process step-by-step, like a tutorial.

#003: How to deal with crappy footage

What can you do to »repair« bad video or audio? Can you save it somehow? Sharing my tips and tricks on how to fix stuff in post–and what never to fix in post. Also telling you how to avoid to even have to revert to such tricks in the first place… Link coming soon!