Minimalist YouTube gear list

Here is my incomplete gear list. Pictures will follow when I find the time! Please ask me anything, I will try to answer your questions as good as I can. And don’t rely on my choices. They work for me, doesn’t mean they will for you. Also, get a dayjob and don’t become a full-time YouTuber, because that is how you can afford all that expensive black plastic.


Sony Alpha 6600 (main camera)

Sony RX 100 III (vlogging, point & shoot)


SEL-50F18 (portrait lens, loud, good for macros/b-roll on MF)

SEL-20F28 (wide-angle APS-C prime 20 mm, f/2.8)

SEL-P1650 (kit lens, do not recommend)


Rollei Compact Traveller Mini (great desk and on-the-go tripod)

Rollei Outdoor Mini Plus Tripod (great for vlogging, but not for DSLRs/heavy lenses)

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Tripod (my go-to tripod for studio images/home photos/flatlays)

Joby 1k Tripod (sports, ice rink videos, literally everything outdoors)

Audio Recorder & Mics

EDUTIGE ETM-006 (simple lapel mic, any model will do)

ZOOM H-1n/220GE Audio Recorder (good amateur recorder, can also be used with the mic)

RØDE Wireless Go (I use them for yoga videos sometimes but I think they’re crap, lots of bugs and bad reception)

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