A Walk to the Windmill in the Snow in Thuringia

This year we are very lucky. White Christmas, picture book HD, in front of the house. Visiting my mother for the holidays, then back to a lot of paperwork and work to do. No time for filming right now, but I hope you guys like the pictures!

icy flowers in the morning sun

25, Dec we decided to go on a little walk in the snow. I put Flauschi in a warm wool overall. Usually they are really cozy, but this time it was too cold for her, just below zero.

I personally want to improve my cold temperature tolerance whenever it is cold, because I want to like the cold and be okay with it. So everytime the weather is “bad”, it’s a signal to me to go out and test my gear, make myself take some photos, even though the snowy wind is blowing in my face. That’s what it is about, right?

Historic windmill near Klettbach · Historische Bockwindmühle Klettbach
Windmill in the snow near Klettbach, Thuringia

This windmill is located close to my hometown but I have never visited it before. It’s a nice walk, pretty windy. You can find places like this around here a lot in Thuringia. Many fields, but winters haven’t been very cold of a while. This is very nice to have. I don’t care much about Christmas, but I like a cold winter in December, and not just January.

Historic windmill near Klettbach · Historische Bockwindmühle Klettbach
Historic windmill near Klettbach · Historische Bockwindmühle Klettbach
Historic windmill in Thuringia (near Klettbach) · Historische Bockwindmühle Klettbach · The whole windmill can be turned by hand and twisted so that it faces in the direction optimal for rotation of the vanes.

Look at our silly “Insta” shots ↑ Flauschi was so cold when we went up there. She wanted to wear her wool overall (we call it the “Wolli”) but it only helps you stay warm if you keep moving. At some point, Flauschi got pretty unmotivated and stated that she wanted to be carried. “You’re going to be cold, better keep walking.” I said, but we ended up carrying her a bit anyway. She got cold and then wanted to go back home. But we don’t do this ever. German, you know. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Jacket + overmitts = warm Flauschi again. “There you go. Now go!”

Warm again, she was happy that we went up the hill, where we could see the mill close-up super nicely. She went up the little ladder ↑ and we threw snowballs and stuff.

My daughter "Flauschi" wearing a wool overall, wool gloves and a windproof hat, cause it's AMAZING and looks cute
icy flowers covered in snow
Klettback village view from windmill hill
Klettbach · Thuringian village in the snow

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