Undine Almani · Portfolio

This page is made for brands. It’s for you to see how I work and what my areas of experience are as a content creator.

Minimalism, Sustainability and enjoying nature

These are my main topics. I share content about:

  • living a minimalist life
  • sustainable swaps and eco-friendly products
  • hiking and being in nature


I am a physicist and content creator from Germany. For about ten years now, I have been living in a zero waste home. On my days off I like to write about minimalism, mindfulness and sustainability. I also share videos about being in nature, hiking and outdoors experiences and everything related to that.

My scientific background often helps me to better understand environmental issues as well as sustainable solutions. I try to raise awareness through social media and I believe that we can all make our lives more mindful, eco-conscious and healthy.

Instagram: @undine.almani

Collaboration offers

Product deals

Sending a freebie to an influencer is the easiest way for newcomer brands to get their product out there. I also see it as an opportunity to get to know each other.—If you find my work helpful, maybe you want to work with me again.

Before you contact me to promote a distinct product, please keep in mind that brand deals are not beneficial to creators unless the product itself is of special interest to them or their audience. I have to pay taxes on free products in my country, so I don’t really get a freebie after all.

I do think that brand deals are a good thing, especially when it comes to sustainable new products that can be useful to my audience.

I am open to promo codes, freebies and also sample items, i.e. products you can send me just for a review only, and I then hand them back to you when I am done, such as hardware or expensive products that I personally won’t use but which can be interesting to my audience.

I am a minimalist, so for example I do not need tons of hiking gear. But it is amazing to see what’s out there! Just make sure you send it to me in a way that it is free of import fees. I have had a lot of trouble with that in the past and it would be sad if something gets stuck in customs. Please don’t send product samples to me without talking to me first.


A sponsorship makes most sense for established brands that really want to get the word out there. I am a small influencer. That means, I have a personal connection with my audience. I write messages with them, I know who they are, and from selling my own products I learned that I have a very high conversion rate. I don’t sell people just anything and a sponsorship only makes sense, if my audience will benefit from it.


From my experience, many small brands especially think that a sponsorship is too expensive. However, you can also work with an influencer on a micro-sponsorship level. I do ad-campaigns starting at 150€. The difference to a full sponsorship is that you do not send me a highly detailed catalog of content requests as done in bigger sponsorship briefings and it will not be as tailored to your brand as it could be with a more personal collaboration.

However, you get many of the benefits a full sponsorship has, such as getting your brand name out there, showing that you are in fact able to sponsor ad campaigns and building a presence. Your brand will be included in a review or list-type content piece on YouTube and you will be named as the sole sponsor with your product in the beginning of the video for maximum reach. You can however not exclude competitor brands.

What I have for you

  • High engagement and conversion
  • My best effort in creating pretty pictures and nice captions
  • Professional communication and content planning
  • YouTube content with a long shelf-life, optimized for search engines
  • An honest and authentic approach to reviewing and presenting your product

I am not a platform, I am a person. So I will always share my honest opinion about a product. That is something you will benefit from as a brand. Nobody wants just another ad. People want to know all the pros and cons and be enabled to make their own decisions about a product.

What is important to me

I only work with brands that have sustainability goals and a sustainability quality management system in place. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I have to give my audience some background info on that and I don’t want to promote brands that don’t make an effort in sustainability.

This is also the reason why this portfolio page is public. I want my audience and followers to know what I offer to brands and how it can be part of my content. Transparency is really important to me.

A no-go are also animal cruelty (such as not mulesing-free wool, meat or meat consumption-related products) and child labor. If you contact me, I assume that you can provide insights on your brand actually being free of those practices.


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