Welcome to the yoga nerd part of this page! Here are some offers of mine 🙂


Yoga sequences for download (that I use in sessions)

Articles tagged “yoga” on my blog

Live session schedule

I do not use a booking tool at the moment, as I organize only very small sessions with max. number of 5 participants. If you want to be a part of one of my current yoga sessions (weekly, Tuesday, 10:30 CET, 60-90min), plase drop me a DM on Instagram

Free & donation-based classes

Currently, I am working on finishing my 200 hours yoga teacher certificate at Siddhi Yoga School in Rishikesh and I am therefore only offering free or donation-based classes. I have been “teaching” yoga before, as in making yoga videos, teaching friends and showing you my favorite sequences on Instagram lives.

However, this was much different from my style now after completing the 200 hours of training and fundamentally working on my teaching skills and sticking to the sequencing rules for creating a session. You can expect me to offer you a well-balanced session according to traditional yogic standards.

My classes are free because teaching is not my main income and I can afford to make them free. But also because I am still adding to my teaching skills, as in explaining, adapting my intermediate level teaching and making it more beginner-friendly etc. That is a learning process which takes time and I don’t want to charge you for being my lab rats. Pardon, mat rats.

You are invited to buy me a coffee though aka join my YouTube channel for support. The monthly price starts at 1€. Just decide after the class what you feel it was worth to you.

In 2022, I plan to offer a donation-based class every 2 weeks and a paid class also every 2 weeks, interchangingly. The difference will only be in the duration (60 min free/donation based class, 90 min paid class).