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I hate Apple

This is not just about why I personally hate Apple, it’s about why it’s objectively bad to use Apple products. I think that not enough people are aware of the hardware and software problems these computers show, as well as the frustrating and intentionally harmful methods executed by the company.

No Apple product is sustainable or has ever been

Apple very much actively prevents people from repairing their own computers. By design. That is, they make it harder for repair centers to take care of their computers or even buy the parts needed to do repairs. Meanwhile, they do not even offer competitive services (e.g. mainboard-level repairs) in their own repair centers.

Thus, the only reason for them to keep people from repairing the devices those customers think they legally own, is that they just want you to not repair anything, ever. They want you to buy a new Apple product if your old one breaks. They don’t want to service you, they don’t care about quality, and they don’t invest in sustainability.

There are so many more examples of this (you might want to check out the playlist I’ve put together below). But the fact alone that they have a whole history of dishing out new products with little to no hardware improvements from one generation to the next already proves that their philosophy is environmentally toxic.

Technically, nobody ever needs a 1mm thinner phone than last year just “because”. It’s just wasteful. It’ it’s not cool in any way. It serves absolutely no purpose. Give that money to a cat shelter. That money is wasted on these products.

Just because you have the freedom to buy trash it doesn’t make it a good thing

Of course you do have the freedom to buy a shitty product. You can do that. You can be proud of it. You can defend it, just because you “like the design” or “it works” for you. But that doesn’t make it intelligent, reasonable or responsible. Objectively, to buy an Apple product is still the more stupid decision, because it gives you less options, it harms the environment, and it is a waste of money that you could have used to do a good thing.

I believe this is true for a lot of luxury brands. That money goes to waste. It does not go towards more quality, it goes towards vanity only. And that is just not a socially admirable thing. You can live with that and say you want to treat yourself, and that you deserve it and that capitalism is a form of freedom, and all that. I have had heard that all my life.

The people though who do not revert to these kinds of arguments are people who do not have the luxury and / or people who are reasonable. In my opinion, Apple users are either not reasonable or not educated enough to simply see through how evil this company is. They detatch themselves from the problematic practices at Apple and choose to cherry-pick what they like, mostly visually, about the product. And that is just morally inferior.

It’s okay to have an opinion on a product. You can like something more than something else just “because”. But what you can not do is claim that it is objectively superior to what competitors offer without any proof. And you can also not say that something is superior because it is cool, good-looking or fancy. That is nowhere near an objective comparison method in tech. I worked in the industry in R&D long enough to tell you: We don’t need more of that. We need efficiency and therewith sustainability. We do not need more useless vanity tech on this planet. We do not need more waste just because you wanted a 1mm (or less) slimmer call-thingy to feel good about yourself.

It’s like taking a sh*t on the street. Sure you can do that. And then you can tell others that this is your “freedom”. But just because something is physically possible, and nobody can keep you from doing it, and it’s your money, it doesn’t mean it’s good, reasonable or sustainable (in the widest sense of the word). It’s still ridiculous and pitiful and people who don’t see that just don’t have the most important human virtue: common sense.

I hate Apple because it’s the right thing to do

I’ll say it again, nobody ever in the history of mankind, has needed or will need a 1mm thinner phone than last year just “because”. You do not technically or humanly require that for anything, it objectively doesn’t improve your life, unless you’re brainwashed into thinking it does. And I understand that many Apple fans don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to hear that they are just fans, and that there is no substance to this cult.

I understand you guys truly want to believe that these are good products. But that is why I am writing this. I don’t hate Apple because I’m bitter and cheap and I just want to hate Apple. I hate Apple, because it makes sense. I wouldn’t say I hate them, it’s just for the title. The more fitting word choice would be “dislike”.

As a person who can build a computer, who can solder stuff, who generally is pretty comfortable around tech, I can just see when something is not okay in this industry. So I am asking you to keep reading, even though some of the stuff and the swear words I use might make you a little mad.

Cause, honestly, I would stop hating on Apple the minute they changed all these things! The minute I’d see actual proof of them doing the right thing, I would absolutely change my mind in an instant. Needless to say, I expect exactly that from any adult.

If you feel like you can not physically stand someone’s opinion, without even fully listening to it, and it’s not about some human rights stuff or social justice (which this partially is about though, since Apple is classist and wasteful and that harms people and the whole industry… I give you that), then you are damaging your own tolerance; you’re giving up on coolness and being open. Don’t do that!

Even used Apple products are bad

Back to Apple and sustainability. The sat thing is that Apple products aren’t even worth considering for second hand purchase. Because why would you want a product that, if a problem occurs, can only be repaired for 70-90% of the original price, or not at all.

I mean, if you believe Apple’s spokesmen, repair shops are ripping you off and are scammers. Meanwhile they can’t even do board-level repairs themselves, and are not interested in making a product that live another five years work again? Like, what would you call that? Not a scam?

Never would I ever rely on a company that makes something you can hardly repair. Why would I want to be dependent on a company’s good will? Why would I want to ask for permission to open up my own computer that I bought with my money? Apple users claim that they are so wealthy, that this is luxury and oh, we poor mortals can just not afford it. But they really own their computer.

In my computer, I can take out any part and put a new one back in, just like with a good car. If you do that with some parts of a Mac, it will not turn on again. And that is not because it’s a precious part that should be original, as Louis Rossmann explains in this video about Hall-effect sensors used in Macs. No, it’s because they want you to not repair it. They want you to replace the whole thing (or minimum 10× more parts that what would need to be replaced).

To me, that’s a scam, and it’s not a risk worth taking. I would buy a car that is like that. It creeps me out. I want to be independent. If you choose Apple, you choose to depend not on the product or parts or technicians, in all of which you would have a choice in a sane world. You choose to completely depend on the manufacturer. Which essentially means you are just renting the product. You don’t really own it.

Apple isn’t customizable, it forces everyone to look and do the same

It’s ironic how Apple was once advertising how unique and quirky you would be for owning one of their computers… and what is it like today? – If you look at Mac OS, you get a system that isn’t customizable at all. Everything is the same. It looks very clean, and that tidiness comes at the cost of the user not being able to change much.

And sure, the computers have a recognizable design, but objectively not a unique one. Neither the hardware parts can be changed, nor can the system be tweaked to your needs. And that is because you are trained to believe that these needs are stupid, nerdy, absurd and you don’t have them. (Red flag much?) Everything is already perfect the way it is, and the technically overwhelmed user is supposed to not question that.

Frankly, this is the opposite of self-determined. It’s dependent, weak and submissive. A computer that only seems awesome to people who know nothing about computers is a crazy concept to me. The fact that they twisted this fallacy so hard that people believe it is user-friendly instead of restrictive and overbearing, f*cks my brain pretty good to this day still.

And this works for no other field. Usually what is the top performing product is not at all determined by the least educated user. A well-versed chef decides what is a good knife, not some suburban mom who just wants to slice an apple. And if you say stuff like that, people then claim that different user profiles require different products.

Maybe. Maybe you don’t need a fast car if your country has a speed limit anyway, correct? But what if the company still sells it to you like it was one? And wants extra money for it? While not offering any kind of sustainable and objectively good service to you? Would you not feel screwed over if you’d think you got the 5000 bucks fancy Japanese knife, but what you really got is a shitty potato peeler from the dollar store? Because that is basically what you get with Apple laptops. You get cardinally screwed over and they brainwash you so hard that you still think it was as good for you as it was for them. That’s so sad.

Truly, I just wish more Apple users would wake up from this nightmare in disguise and see it for what it is. See that just because you had one positive experience, it doesn’t mean a positive company culture and concept stands behind it. That just because you haven’t had a problem yet, there are none. That just because you like the design and don’t mind spending four times a product’s value on it, and you love capitalism and freedom so much, that this is a great company and everyone who can’t or won’t afford it is a poor little b*tch. Can we get over this already?

Apple-products are often built to self-destruct

The design flaws in Apple products actually go very far. One example is the hard drives. The hard drive is the part of the computer you want to be super safe. I remember one reason for me buying a ThinkPad was that, back in the day, it was one of the first computers with built-in disk protection. They just had acceleration sensors, so that your drive would shut down as soon as your computer was falling off the desk or something. Awesome!

Now let’t take a look at Mac in 2023. They actually solder their SSDs on the main board. For no reason other than you not being able to replace it. Any normal hard drive can just be taken out, even of a laptop. Ideally, it should be accessible without even opening the whole thing. In my ThinkPad there’s a slot for that which you can access from the outside by unscrewing 4 screws.

The reason for that is you want it to be replaceable fast. And there is no reason for a HDD to not be. Unless of course you want your user to buy a new product as soon as he runs out of disk space, which is… you guessed it… wasteful, disgusting and a damn shame in this day and age.

But that’s not even my main point of disgust. No… they are actually so evil, their board architecture is built in a way that the HDD isn’t protected from being fried by a way too high voltage in case very much foreseeable (!) damage occurs on another component. Look at the playlist below, a video about the exact problem is somewhere in there. If you’re not really into electronics, all you need to know is: There’s a part that can break easily, and if it does, the computer is built in a way that your hard drive is destroyed and all your data is gone.

Now why would Apple want that? For two reasons: They don’t care about you and your data, only about their profit. And they want you to store all your data, even the sensitive stuff, in their cloud for backup. And on top of that they want to keep you so dumb and uneducated that you think it’s for the best this way. They know that their users are so ignorant and submissive, they sell you a hard drive soldered to the main board for no reason as a safety feature. It’s not a feature, it’s a built-in bug and a purposeful breaking point that can only cause trouble for you, the technician and the computer itself. It makes no sense to do that. None.

Apple prevents repair-shops from accessing spare parts

Anyway, now let’s say you have a problem with your Mac and want it repaired. So the first thing you do is to go to an Apple shop and give them your computer. You now face two possible outcomes:

  • They tell you it can not be repaired and you need to buy a new one
  • They tell you it can be repaired but costs like 1000 bucks

Option one translates to: “We are too stupid to do it” or “If I can’t have the toy, Tommy over there can also not play with it, f*ck Tommy!”.

Option two translates to: We will exchange the main logic board because we are incompetent and that is all we can do. You really just need a few parts or some cleaning, which costs something between 5 to 50 bucks + labor. But we just lie to our customers, because we don’t give a sh*t.

And those would not even be problematic. But the issue is that they also prevent other people from repairing your computer. They keep vendors from selling spare parts to “competitors” even though they can’t even compete on the same level, because they are not capable of doing any kind of board repair! They simply don’t offer that.

Moreover, they keep schematics, repair tools and software used for repairs secret or prevent its spread – again, for literally no reason. This does not serve the safety of their customers, it only serves the one purpose here: To sell more computers. They want to pollute the environment, they want to exploit their customers, they want to make more money. No matter how much you think about it, once you know, you know: Apple is just a shitty despicable company with no conscience.

Apple promotes an elitist mindset, but isn’t actually at any elite level technically (or morally)

Apple is not only a wasteful enterprise, it is profoundly classist. And there is nothing sexy, innovative or cool about that. It’s not cool to shame people for not just being unable to afford an Apple product, but to even laugh at users who can pay for one but choose not to. Oh, these poor losers who don’t appreciate great design? Great design?

As great as, let’s think about it… hm, like two glued-together pieces of metal advertised to the uneducated masses as some sort of one-piece-aluminum cut? While the heat exhausted from the fan melts that very fake-one-piece’s adhesive, because it is constructed to do so, and does so until it fully deteriorates, on a daily basis? Hm, And I’m the stupid one for not believing in the quality of products made by a company that lets this go through quality?

I think that’s clown world. None of this is reasonable. And I also think that it’s very much a double standard, when I see Apple users defend these constantly recurring mistakes. Firstly, those aren’t innocent mistakes. Those are massive flaws. For the price you pay, you should expect something better than that. Secondly, it is by design. On purpose! It’s not just technically wrong, but morally wrong. And to defend that, with the subtle hint to an elitist culture, that is so rotten…

And it isn’t even elitist to praise this company anymore at this point. It’s just proof of ignorance. You can’t be defending a company like that and claim that you enjoy their products because of the quality. There is literally nothing to enjoy there, and the users who think so just demonstrate their lack of knowledge. Apple products are only great if no problems occur. But if so, you are totally screwed, sometimes even in ways that are not resolvable by pouring your daddy’s purse on it.

Therefore, the only thing that is proven by saying Apple is elite is that you don’t know what an elite is. An elite is a group of people who actually are superior to others by skill or status. But Apple’s output simply isn’t. You get better specs and true ownership for less money. To say “But I like the design and I can afford it” just talks volumes about how you do not appreciate money. Nothing about that is elite. It’s just embarrassing.

And with that thought, I want to end my little rant. If you have read all of this, thank you so much. And for the sake of sustainability, of course I do not want you to ditch your Apple computer just yet. Instead make the most of it for as long as it’s possible. Repair it till it falls apart. And if it gets slow, put a Linux on it. I’ll see you on the other side!

Further reading / viewing

If you want to dig further and collect more objectively reasonable talking points on why Apple computers are wasteful and Apple is basically the little slutty sister of Evil Corp (Google), look no further but consume this playlist of Louis Rossmann videos:

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  • Reply
    July 12, 2023 at 8:37 am

    Bad Apple and bad Google, but this wordpress site uses Google analytics (UA-152002496-4) and also calls to Google fonts.
    Perhaps a possible future idea may be to find some alternative to all of this. ❤️

    • Reply
      Undine Almani
      July 13, 2023 at 7:48 am

      I don’t think I implemented Google fonts (only the YouTube embedding does that inevitably). But yes, I use Analytics and AdSense, because it covers the cost of the webspace. As soon as I break even with my YouTube channel, that crap will be gone! And I welcome everyone who uses an adblocker. I’d never boycott that or put up some weird beggy floating screen 🙂

  • Reply
    July 14, 2023 at 8:14 pm

    Tried Apple Silicon once. SOT is spectacular – I can work without a charger for a whole day. Nobody has this.

    Was using Windows earlier and tried Linux. The first one is sluggish the latter is rough around the edges.

    • Reply
      Undine Almani
      July 26, 2023 at 3:11 am

      I like it rough around the edges 😀 It can be customized later hehe… But I get your point! Battery lifetime is important to me too, because I travel a lot. But usually I don’t need more than 3-4 hours and my ThinkPad Yoga 370 that I bought 2nd hand already (so battery is probably worn, also I spilled water on it like a total dumbass) has that… I like the idea of having more than you need, but then again, it goes a bit against my minimal principles. As in: Why? The open source cause over all will always be more important to me than 1 more hour without charging, especially since I can charge that thing everywhere. But again, back in the day, all those notebooks were a pain in the ass. I totally understand, and Mac then was ahead of time, and in some aspects also still is.

  • Reply
    November 19, 2023 at 10:27 am

    I moved to Apple because I was sick of Microsoft. That doesn’t mean I appreciate Apple. It just has, by far, the cheapest desktop available. I’ve been looking for a place to bash Apple. I just need to vent. I am stunned by the whole scam. I am disgusted that anyone would think that Steve Jobs was anything more than a scam artist in a suit imitating a human being. I will admit it got worse since he died but not that much. One can sense the arrogance of their incompetence.

    They put the most useless tools in their package because they damn well want you to go and buy all kinds of add-on software products. They don’t bother to update anything of importance. They never go back and fix a problem. One of the most maddening for me is that the pointer will not disappear on the desktop when not in use. There are plenty of others but enough venting for a day.

    • Reply
      Undine Almani
      November 20, 2023 at 6:25 am

      I typed in “I hate Apple” into YouTube and found Louis Rossmann, and that essentially is why I wrote this text then ;D If Apple products just magically kept on working and would’t have issues (or people are so rich, they can replace them every year, which seems the philosophy anyway), then I guess it’s a great product. I also think it’s fine to work on them as refurbished computers. But I would never buy one new, for sustainability/”feelings of guilt” reasons I guess, lol. By the way, on Steve Jobs, I recently saw some of his older videos, when he just started the company and boy, this guy never changed. Visionary or not, if you’re that full of yourself… yikes.

      They don’t just not fix problems, they outright deny them! Remember the iPhone antenna? Where that stupid antenna was going around the phone, and then first they told the users that they were “holding the phone wrong”. Guess it’s supposed to levitate then! And then they sold their customers a bumper to shield their sensitive shitty antenna from the hand lmao. What a classy company.

      I use a Lenovo btw. but sadly, they also have built-in batteries now and aren’t fluid-resistant anymore (at least the affordable ones). IDK what my next computer will be… ACER seems to be okay…? Not sure -.-

  • Reply
    Andrew Sooter
    December 14, 2023 at 11:36 am

    My uncle use to have two macbook pro 16′ 2019 (from work) and I saw both of them broke, just stopped working one after another. However regarding the evil practices of the company I don’t think I blame them (I think once a company becomes as large as apple it is inevitable form them to stay good cuz it becomes too big to run on good faith or ideology what every make the most profit is the way to go and sadly the only way to make it right is to get the right regulation ) . I think that it’s the people the dumb fuck (facebook) who lose there mind on the shiny device and then they see people and reviewers on youtube and shit going crazy over the new thing and buying the latest one every year and that makes there consumer mind go hog wild. What we need is chads like the EU to put company like apple and other in there place but it is not possible (I think ).

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