Summer is there – a time to reflect and move on

All I want after 2020 is to move on. It is one year that has basically been taken from me, but on the other hand, I am acknowledging my privilege, and I am quite happy that it wasn’t worse.

We spent our last summer in Sweden. This summer, we will hopefully go back. We booked our tickets for the Fjällräven Classic, which has been a dream of mine ever since I’ve learned about it. I have no idea, how this will go, how restrictions and regulations will develop, but I will try my best to make it happen. It is kind of a now-or-never thing…

I published some hiking videos on my YouTube channel. In 2020, I finally decided to get back into that and I do not regret it. I am trying to capture the mood, which for me was a glimpse of freedom. I also really like to get away from people and from the city.

I want to assume the positive in others, basically to keep my sanity

I don’t wan to lie, though making peace with all of this has been hard for me. As a mother, and as someone who has worked first-hand with epidemiolgy data, I could basically shake my head all day. I could shake my head about deductions that were made without thinking twice, by people who were clearly not fit to make them. I could shake my head further about how badly children were disregarded in all of this, and how little of an outcry it caused.

However, a thought that has helped me is to tell myself that even the biggest ignorant was probably just trying to do the right thing—as in what they thought it was.

Even though this premise doesn’t always hold, the belief in it has just helped me accept and tolerate all the disagreements and debates I never thought I’d have. It allowed me to stay able to talk to people about their personal view and story rather than desperately looking for the one solution.

Our landlord let us have a sandpit in the garden, while playgrounds were closed. To me, it will always be a reminder of that unreasonable measure. Of how our kids were treated and disregarded. But I am trying to move on…

I have met people who were cut off by friends for the simplest kinds of criticism, and also for being not critical enough. A couple even broke up over getting va¢¢inated.—WTF?

Just so you know. I don’t care about your, your kid’s or your dog’s v@ccination status. And I will never get how people get so upset about a personal decision like this. It’s like getting a haircut. Cool for you, but I like mine better for myself, okay? Just so weird. Minding one’s own business definitely took a fall in 2020…

By the way, all of the pictures were taken on my Fairphone 3. The quality is much better though if you don’t use the standard Android camera app. Anyway, I really enjoy it.

Can we please move on now? Can we have conversations about something else please? Can we enjoy summer?

Anyway, hopefully Sweden this year again! And then next year maybe my beloved France.

At this point, I am looking forward to the positive change and neglecting the negative. I just can’t have it anymore. I need a break.

You probably all need a break and I hope you will have the opportunity to get it. I collected some money this year to give to stray cats again, so if you read until here, maybe think about a charity? I recommend this one, the strays in Corsica really need it. Keep in mind, there were no tourists this season, probably a lot of cats starved (in any case, the situation is not good) and NGOs had even emptier pockets than the year before. It makes me really sad, as this is also one of your favorite holiday destinations.

I hope she forgets all the crap and just remembers the nice stuff.

I will leave you with these thoughts and pictures, picking up on the summer theme. I mean, we tend to romanticize the past, so I hope my kid will. I for one do not want to dwell in this sh_t. I want to move past it. And if you want to do that too, comment below, let others know they’re not alone. You aren’t.

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