Why I am starting a new YouTube channel in English

Undine Almani ·· German YouTuber (Minimalism & Mindfulness in the Digital Age)

Starting a new channel when I already have 2k subscribers on my German YouTube channel is a big decision and might disappoint a lot of my followers. I know. But I need to do this, and I’ve been wanting to do this for four years. So I’m doing it, no more discussion. And here’s why and what I plan to do on my new channel.

YouTube has been a struggle for me. I have been on the platform for years… And while I have maintained my almost 2100 subscribers for about 2 years of parental leave (and I am very grateful for that, I truly am), I feel that after all that time it is really necessary for me to start over. My channel has not been growing for a long time, and that is mostly because I refuse to »niche down«. I wanted to be my own person and not define myself over a single topic. However, I already am.

My primary topic is minimalism, and it will probably be for a long time. I found it helpful in my life, I want to help others, and apart from that, minimalism is just an awesome, versatile and broad field of content. So why not? However, on my German channel, I was also doing a lot of comedy, which is a hobby of mine, but it divided my audience into two groups. Some just followed me for the satirical, cynical me, others liked my minimalism videos. So both groups were constantly asking me for their preferred next video, and to be honest, that’s a bit too much pressure for me. I like and enjoy doing cynical videos. But I want my channel to be more about helping others rather than just being funny.

Another reason why I wanted to start over with different content, was that I actually see YouTube as kind of an art hobby. I like creating channel art, thumbnails and even writing the notes for the videos. But my old channel had a certain style, and I would have had to do a complete makover anyway. Let alone all the badly illuminated older videos, that I wanted to record a second time, but I couldn’t find it in my heart to take them down. So this is why I prefer to invest my energy in something truly new, where I can start over and create something from scratch, rather than renovating and rearranging all the content I haven’t been happy with for a while now… which is, honestly, kind of sucking the marrow out of the joy of creating YouTube videos.

When I started my first YouTube channel, I woke up everyday, excited about creating new content. It was kind of an innocent and joyful time for me. Compared to today, I’m rather frustrated with myself, unable to stick to a schedule or even find the motivation to create new videos. And I want that to end. I want it to be nice again.

I also just like to talk in a foreign language. Having many expat friends, almost everyone told me, I should start an English channel. However, I didn’t listen to them, and even with my kid in a bilingual daycare center, with her understanding when I talk English to her, with having a ton of friends that communicate with me in English only, while attending classes in Uni or online courses in English, I did not have the courage to start an English channel in four years. Boy, I even wrote my whole Bachelor’s thesis and all other scientific work I ever contributed to, in English, and I worked in an American company for a year… English is everywhere in my life. So, an English channel was more like the elephant in the room than a weird, far-fetched idea.

And while slowly realizing that, I also noted so many YouTubers that aren’t native speakers either. Just look at famous figures such as Jenny Mustard or Jonna Jinton. They make spelling and grammar mistakes all the time. No one cares. Because it’s not relevant.

I myself, i.e. in academic life, don’t even care about other people’s accents and issues as long as I understand what they mean. And I have been to conferences, where I was forced to listen to particle physics talks in Frenglish… So, at some point earlier this year, I suddenly got pretty close to not giving a crap anymore, especially about fellow Germans telling me not to go English.

I’m sorry if you see it that way and if you won’t follow along for this journey. But I want to do this and I’m already enjoying me more than I ever did with my German channel. I know, my first videos are going to be a bit stiff… I haven’t given a talk or lecture in a while, so I am not used to talking to a big audience in English anymore. However, I think, this is going to pass after a while, and that way I can reach a lot more people and get to know a broader community.

I am very excited for this journey, and finally, I want to share the link to my first video here:

And my channel can be found here.

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