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Minimalist habits and feeling sad when not being able to let go, or even more sad when finally being able to do it.

A tiny little cactus

I’ve »become« a minimalist because I wanted to get rid of all the clutter that had piled up in my childhood bedroom, and because I really liked the simple shapes of Bauhaus (I lived close to Weimar, a German small town that has a famous Bauhaus college). It worked out, I have been living like this for almost 20 years now. But some things still feel weird. Like getting rid of things…

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Are minimalists ever done with decluttering?

Two piles of decluttered clothes that will be donated or sold

A few moments ago I took this picture. I find it a bit weird though, how nice this pile of old clothes looks but I guess it is still better to have a memory that serves the Instagram aesthetic than just a bunch of ugly photos. A little awkward guilt overcomes me while holding the camera. Me, the self-proclaimed minimalist, am I not? Should I not be over stuff?…

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