I am a physicist, so I had six whole lectures on mathematics. This was not mandatory, only three were. What I want to say: I like definitions. They give me clarity and thinking about a definition makes you realize not only what something really is about but what it means to you. So these definitions should not be regarded as an ultimate understanding but as an inspiration for you to find your own.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is a concept of life with focus on a reduced set of material possessions. While the number of possessions can be rather small, minimalism itself does not mean frugalism, and the number of items a minimalist owns can diverge vastly from the money that is spent on them. Minimalism as a trend or movement is very diverse and has overlap with many other lifestyle concepts such as frugalism or eco-consciousness and veganism. Outside of personal life minimalism also serves as a style in (product) design, art and music.

What is order?

Order is the state of a macroscopic physical system formed by a human, in which everything has a purposeful fixed place, while being easily accessible and serving certain logical structure. There are little to no redundancies in function and use, whereas the overall structure or arrangement of things itself brings calm and ease to the whole system.

What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is an indivicually defined state of a certain degree of independency from an active income such as a salary from a permanent job.

What is frugalism?

Frugalism describes a way of living with an intentionally reduced amount of material needs, ultimately leading to a low-budget lifestyle, often driven by the motivation to save money.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a non-judgmental cognitive or meditative technique to bring focus and concentration to an object, a body part or some other observable with a physically conceivable component within the surroundings of the observer.

What is low waste?

Low waste is a concept of living, producing as little non-recyclable trash as possible. In contrast to zero waste the term subsumes a number of practices accepting that a life with absolutely no garbage, for most people, is not realistic.