Today is a not very wintry day in January. It is one of those days with just a few very heavy and fast-melting snowflakes. They just passed my window in front of this blue and gray sky. That one color that just speaks to you in like: “Do not go outside.”

I really can’t think of a good introduction to myself. The task just takes me back to an English class. We were all supposed to write a paragraph about ourselves, third person style. As if that would make it any less weird. But since you are here and you obviously want to know about me, I will try my best and tell you a little.

I was born in the early 80s in GDR and became a nurse in 2008. I worked in hospitals and nursing homes for a while, but that just was not for me, or forever. So I decided to go into science. I studied Physics at FAU, finished my degree and went to Munich to be with my boyfriend. I’m studying parttime here while working and mothering and my next plan is to either stay in the laser industry or go to grad school.

HR people never hold back with their opinion on how weird this chain of decisions adding up to my life are, but I actually believe there is more to a person than a bio.

The most defining thing about me is probably my interest in mathematics and my way of thinking. It was just a matter of time that logic brought me to a zero waste lifestyle. It did and does just make sense – to me as well as in general. On the other hand I want to add that the 0 in zero waste – to me – is an euphemism. I have been living as eco-friendly as possible now for about a decade and I believe, the most important thing about activism is to get in touch with everybody.

To me, zero waste is not an extreme lifestyle only manageable by few. Much more, it is a set of values that you can implement in your everyday life, no matter where you want to start. By thinking about how to be more eco-conscious, you already do something. And while I do believe that it is alright to not always be nice and friendly but blunt and demanding when it comes to matters of this planet, I also think that empowering means to show everyone that this lifestyle is not a dogma.

Similarly, I see things with minimalism. While my own minimalism to me is defined by the amount of things I own, I do not believe there is a general definition. Minimalism as a movement with a community though will always be about a certain lifestyle. So this blog is about the struggles that come with that, my personal ideas and my access to minimalist topics. I write about eco-friendly life and minimalism as a family but also very much in general. So.

Stay, if you like!